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    Six do’s and don’ts for renovating your bathroom

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    Bathroom renovations can look easy – but they can be one of the trickiest rooms in your home to transform. There are lots of “rules” to abide by when updating your bathroom but these six top my list …

    Don’t go too trendy
    While many of the reality renovation shows are great at exposing the latest bathroom trends and inspiring thousands, it is important to remember that trends date. In as little as five years, a bathroom can be out of fashion (think hexagon tiles!), so consider a more timeless or classic look with a hint of something trendy so your bathroom stays “current” and contemporary for longer.

    Do select appropriate finishes 
    Bathrooms are hot, steamy, small spaces. Although you can buy all sorts of products in all sorts of materials for a bathroom, that doesn’t mean you should. Make sure the products you buy are a suitable material and colour to suit your bathroom for the long term. Cheap products wear very quickly in such humid conditions.

    Colour-wise, keep things fresh and neutral. Many bathroom renovators go for the white/white/white look, which could be done so much better with a bit of creativity and at no extra cost. Make sure finishes not only look great, but are very practical and easy to clean too. The amount of white tile floors in show homes amazes me; if you’ve lived in a house with white floor tiles in the shower, you’ll know what I mean.

    Don’t think simple transformations are impossible
    Not everyone has the budget to completely gut their bathroom and redesign it from scratch, so knowing how some selective changes can give the look of a total transformation (without the price tag) can be a lifesaver. Inspire yourself with some more before and after photos from real renovation projects on my website.

    Do start with a good layout plan
    You’ll no doubt have heard the advice to keep plumbing in the same positions to save costs. My view on this is that if you’re completely renovating your bathroom from top to toe, don’t be afraid to adjust the layout if the current one isn’t working for you. Plumbing costs can be deceiving though; something you might think is simple may cost an arm and a leg. And something that looks tricky could be very simple and cheap in reality.

    Talk to a plumber to find out what your options are before spending time redesigning the layout. You’ll kick yourself for leaving the layout as it is if it continues not to function at its best for you and your family; regardless of the cosmetic improvements you’ve made.

    Don’t scrimp on the tapware
    It’s tempting to head out and buy cheap taps, spouts and shower heads, but I believe this is one area that shouldn’t be compromised. The problem arises when a problem arises! If there’s an issue behind your newly tiled wall due to a tap or plumbing fault, then guess what? All your tiles and wall sheeting will need to be pulled out, work carried out, then wall sheeting, waterproofing and tiling re-done (not a cheap process). Shop around for good quality tapware and use a reputable plumber to install everything for you.

    Do consider storage
    Sleek, modern bathrooms can look amazing, but are often so impractical (where do you put your stuff?). Storage is an important factor for good bathroom design. At minimum there should be a decent amount of storage in the vanity. Even better; a recessed mirror cabinet or even some built-in storage somewhere close to hand if there’s room. A good bathroom design looks amazing; a great bathroom design looks amazing and functions perfectly.